10 Entertainment Shows From Muze for Your Virtual Events

The outbreak of Covid-19 that we are still haven’t won the war against yet has left a huge impact on our daily lives, on our work habits, social life, entertainment, gatherings, eating habits and for sure, and most importantly our economy, and impact that might never be undone at least for the upcoming year or two; but since the world can’t stop, and especially our economy, corporates had to find new ways to communicate with their consumers and prospectors, with their managing directors, with the media, and for sure their employees and working force; therefore companies had to shift to the newly emerging category of events, the virtual events. And just like in-person events, virtual events will have to include entertainment segments to keep the event alive and to keep the audience interested.

Here are 10 entertainment shows that Muze can provide you with to make sure your audience doesn't feel any difference between the two types of events. This list includes shows that are done live and not to be pre-recorded.

1. Speed Painting

One of the most entertaining shows to watch as it can shift in shape and direction to align with your event type. Replicating the shapes and forms provided by nature and in our reality through colors and paint on a canvas has alway been interesting since the dawn of time and the more talented the artist are the more the audience will approve of the show and enjoy the event and that is where we have got you covered with two distinctive and distinguished shows that are yet approaching the same branch of art but each with its own take and each with its own direction and energy. The advantage of such a show over regular drawing is the additional thrill, the mind game that such shows bring to your event when the audience tries to guess the object being drawn and they wait eagerly in anticipation and the surprise they receive as the act comes to conclusion.

Fast Impression

Strokes in a Rush

2. Sand Drawing

You probably have seen these shows in a televised talent show by a national tv or through a video-on-demnd network. It is a drawing show with an innovative twist that is related to the type of material used for drawing, and as it is mentioned in the title the material is sand. The advantage of such a show over regular drawing is that since it is drawn in sand then you can have several images drawn atop each other in a story telling manner and when you align that storytelling feature with your event objectives and function you will possess the power of impressing your audience and impact them emotionally and confer a sense of connectivity regardless of the distance and the situation.

Sand to The Beat

Sand Stories

3. Illusionist

Who doesn’t like to see some magic tricks? It is one of the most watched types of shows and the most celebrated in talent shows due to the excitement and amusements it just brings to the stage, and as it can bring that adrenaline rush to the stage it can as well bring it to a screen. A live magician joining your event through an HD cam performing tricks for your audience and connecting with them on a personal level through their screens and headsets will be such a delightful surprise and a joyful segment for your audiences evening that they deserve in such hard times that require for sure a lot of entertainment.

Secret Hand Illusion

4. Mentalist

If a magician does not sound exciting enough for you and your audience then what about a mentalist, a magician that can integrate the input of your audience in his tricks, or to better describe it, a magician that follows the lead of your audience to create mind blowing tricks through the internet connection and miles apart from your audience.

The Mind Reader

5. Digital Magic

If you are after magic but still you are looking for a bigger show for a bigger audience to be done on a stage and displayed to your audience through a live streaming service then you must be after this talent that we have here. A multimedia show where the magic happens on a backdrop digital screen, on the stage and anywhere else on the set. Not just the tricks of this show are exciting but also the setup and the production value it provides to entertain your audience, our talent will blow the mind of your audience by their abilities to pull a trick that integrates so many elements and yet is perfectly executed.

New Era Magic

6.Comedy Magic

Not all events have the capacity to include huge or prolonged magic shows, based on their function and objectives some events only require limited light shows that entertain the audience but still do not distract them from the theme or the concept of the event and for this type of events we have a show that can sprinkle a little fun and joy over your audience screens but doesn’t impact your event to an extent it casts off your audience from your event’s main topics and activities. It is light, funny, joyful and highly entertaining.

Laugh Trick

7. Mimes & Circus Comedy

Sometimes comedy is needed to put on a touch of comedy and laughter on a certain occasion but still a message should be delivered and a story should be told and this is why we have added such a show to our list. Mimes and circus comedy are a combination between both storytelling and of course comedy, it is an entertaining yet very useful tool that can help you with your event objective and message delivery with our talents ready to create a special show that matches your event type and goals and still spreads the smiles of joy and laughter all over your attendees’ faces.

Mime Comedy

8. Light Painting

If you are looking for an innovative never-seen-before entertainment segment for your event that mixes technology with a bit of science tricks and a lot of entertainment and that has a huge production value, can create a huge impact and can tell a story or deliver a message to include within your event then this is the show for. Light painting has all the elements, it is a multi drawing performance with the help of a huge screen and that takes place on a stage, it is based on a story and it is highly amusing for the talent value and the emotional impact it delivers.

Illustrating With Light

9. Live Singers & Cover Bands

For some events a melody and a tune are needed to confer a certain mood or energy to the event, therefore some events require music, and just like in live events music can be featured in virtual events through live performances of musicians, singers or bands that can become a tone setting segment and a get away for some brief minutes for your audience to enjoy. Genres for such type of event may vary especially as virtual events can be diversified not just based on type but also based on function, objectives, type of audience, occasion and so many other parameters, therefore we will not be selecting specific performers for this type of entertainment segment but rather we will lead you to our shows player where you can navigate through the type of performance that best fits the need of your event or occasion.

Music & Bands

10. Multimedia Shows

If you are looking to have a huge performance and you have the time still to plan ahead and want every bit of your event to be mesmerizing and impactful and you are ready to go all out on your entertainment segment then we have selected for you a show that comes as huge with the type of performance and production it requires to be executed, and this huge type of production will for sure require an extended amount of time, but if you can afford this much time and you want for your show to be considered as on of the biggest virtual events that has the best of everything then for sure you are looking for an outstanding multimedia performance where our dancers move in sync with a very complex 3d animation displayed on a huge video wall; a performance that was selected by only the biggest of the companies for their in-person live shows back in the days before the outbreak of the pandemic since they were looking for something that the audience doesn’t see much often. This show has too many advantages, the animation can deliver the story or the message you need to get through, it is dynamic and includes a bundle of arts digital and physical, it leaves behind a huge impact on the audience, it is highly entertaining and it showcases a very high level of production and performance complexity.

Living Multimedia