Candy World

It’s a world of colors and flavors, shapes and forms, ups and downs, solidity and immateriality, briefly it’s a fanciful world of uncertainty. Get the chance to walk along the chocolate river and to jump into marshmallow pools. Climb the candy mountain without giving up on trying over and over again, the charm lies in living the adventure.

If you ever get lost in our world it means you’ve entered into the candy maze, you might not want to leave, but there is much more outside to discover.

Battles are friendly in our world, there’s nothing to worry about, candy battles are as sweet as they taste.

If you are at our place, there is no way of escaping it without customizing a unique candy or sweet with your own signature. Wait you can’t say no to free candies, so fill your tummies with your favorite flavors. If you get stuck in the sticky slime call your friend and get stuck together.

Remember don’t miss the live shows, they are all organized to please you and make your experience unforgettable.  Endure the taste of sweetness from this joyous whole experience,