Into The Jungle

Have you ever get lost in the Amazon?

Visit into the Jungle and get the chance to experience a unique journey where you discover the wild life and get lost in its endless adventures, perceive nature through all your senses, interact with robotic animals and discover all about their different species by asking them and they will simply answer back. Our trees also talk so don't miss the conversation, they will be ready to respond to any question you may wish for. Get the chance to experience hunting through V.R hunting simulators. You can also enjoy a whole world of adventure from rafting to rappel, climbing, zip line and many more. So don’t miss the experience of real rafting. Once you sail into the cave a magical show will be waiting for you. Through the authentic skylight aerial dances will be performed.

It might need some courage, but the view from above is fascinating. So don’t miss the adventure, and have the power to walk high among the trees.

This experience won’t be absolute unless you try the zip line and endure the feel of flying in the midst of the jungle.

Don't forget to visit our maze, overcome the laser obstacles. Enjoy your tour around the jungle while your kids are safe in the smurf village enjoying some crafts and games and watching their favorite characters' dance shows.

There is no way you can leave without watching African shows and enjoying the live circus show.

If you are young or adult, there is no need to worry this whole experience has place for everyone.