The Fun Fair

Welcome to the world of amusement, to Dreamland, where all dream doors are opened. All you need to do is step over the threshold. You might decide to step into the Adventurous world and enjoy the inflatable games, the trampoline park, the obstacle course, the hole in the wall game and soap soccer. There is no turning back!

You will regret it if you think of missing the futuristic world with all those great and exciting games the roller coaster, the Ferris wheel, the sky drops and many more through the virtual reality theme park.

You are thrilled by horror movies and want to endure the feel of excitement, it is a must for you to step into the nightmare world and walk along the Scary Maze. If it happens and you find yourself in a closed room, don’t panic, it’s because you are stuck in a room with a lost key. You have no choice! Search for the key to "Escape the Room”.

That’s not all there are still so many doors to discover!

The only events you can’t skip are the live shows, the parades, the circus shows, the tremendous fireworks show and many more. You know why? Because they are happening everywhere around.