The Snowy Desert

Such miracles only happen in the Snowy Desert. It is a whole undeniable experience where you have it all at once. It is one of a kind adventure, you feel you traveled all the way to the North Pole, but the truth is the North Pole sailed all the way to you. You might watch it in documentaries but in the Snowy Desert you will live it in real life. The feeling will be endured the moment you experience ice fishing and climb cliffs in the midst of the storm. There is too much to explore and one day is not enough but don’t worry you can reserve your own igloo, assure your stay at the festival, and enjoy every single moment.  We also got you a new friend, the penguin, they will be there to greet you.

You can also enjoy snowman building and snow fights with your families and friends.

If it is day or night, there is no way you can miss the unique bumper car experience with your friends. And whether you play football or not, the football game at Snowy desert is one of a kind.

Enjoy Skiing and télésiège, and slide down the snow slope rolling in huge balls.